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The most popular bank account

Client: Slovenská sporiteľňa

Brief: Create a communication lasting for half a year to promote Space bank accounts - Subrand of the Slovenská sporiteľňa for youth 15-26 years

Solution: In the campaign for Space bank accounts we worked with a strong influencer in the segment of young people again as last year. After YouTuber Gogo, this year we used one from the top YouTubers on the Slovak market, which has been the face of the whole campaign, in ATL also online. We have created a special Selassie´s branded video format in which he compared Space bank accounts to the most popular things of the lifestyle of young people. That way Selassie communicated unique selling proposition of the Space bank accounts: according to the official polls Space bank accounts are the most popular among young people. Selassie made this videos by our stories.

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